Friday, January 3, 2014


      There is no doubt in my mind (and most of the world as well) that education, especially at the secondary level needs to continue to evolve.  Whether it’s based on technology, careers, or any other criteria, we know inherently that we need to engage students a high level and address the changing world around them as they learn.
      However, what I often see missing is the foundation that drives everything.  Career changes are important and educators need to address this with all students.  But students are not always motivated by careers and certainly not by the changes.  Skills are important, but students are not motivated by addressing the skills that they need.  Standards, even the new improved Common Core, will not motivate students.  The list of things that will not motivate students is long – course requirements, A-G, accreditation, pedagogy and more.
      What does motivate all of us?  Well, it is what we’re passionate about. And that’s where we should begin and return continually to motivate students.  Why are younger students so inquisitive and interested in everything?  It’s because they are searching for their PASSION.  But at some point in school, we begin to ignore their passions and indeed avoid it.  Heck, we have often killed their PASSION.
      So, this is where we need to begin.  We need to make PASSION the foundation of our pedagogy.  When we ask students what they want to do, we tend to house that in either career or school terms.  But we need to do is have all students – through their entire K-12 experiences – identify and pursue their PASSION (S).

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     In a way, this seems so simple and so obvious right?  Well it’s not.  Our educational programs are not geared around PASSION.  Yes, we have electives.  And yes, those do have the potential to be passion-driven.  But it’s not enough.  Every student deserves to have a program that is designed around his or her PASSION.
     As an easy example, let’s take English, or at the primary level Reading and Writing.  We all agree that reading and writing throughout one’s education is paramount to learning and success. But why don't we design a student’s reading and writing around their PASSION?  
     What if we didn’t focus on everyone reading and writing about the same thing, but rather focused on students reading and writing – and as much as possible – about anything and everything related to their PASSION?  If we want ownership, mastery, engagement and a real love of lifelong learning, this is how we get it.
      All skills and mastery can be taught and addressed through any text. We would have students pursuing their PASSION everyday in what they read and write about.  After all, isn’t this what you see happening on-line and in the world everyday?  Isn’t our society and entire economy built on people pursuing their PASSIONS and learning more about them everyday?  And naturally this could be applicable to history, science and more.  
      What drives real learning, careers and success is PASSION.  But we don’t teach to one’s PASSION.  It is about time we start.  Pedagogy, reforms, technology, or being college and career ready are all great pursuits.  But they will not be fully realized or effective without a focus on PASSION.
      Can one’s PASSION change, evolve or fluctuate?  Sure. They should and they will.  But it’s through the pursuit of PASSION, that one discovers themselves and the true joy of learning.


  1. I agree with this on many levels, but it does pose more questions? How do we fund those passions? Do we encourage passions that may not lead to a well paying career? What we really want is great teachers that inspire students to be passionate about things that matter, that are important to society(even just a family unit) and push students to act on those passions in a meaningful way.

  2. I love it when I spend two weeks fretting about what I am going to have kids do when we come back from winter break and come up with nothing. On the verge of a full blown panic attack (OK I exaggerate a tad bit) and some guy posts a blog and it all clicks. Oh duh, your passion. Thats what I am going to have kids do when we get back; map their passion! Thanks.

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