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5 Ways To Personalize Learning in PBL

Personalized Learning maybe one of the most widely used education catch phrases in an attempt to capture what is truly changing about what and how students can and could learn. The challenge is whether this is just another edu fad or something that will become foundational in the necessary transformation of future education.
The What
     Personalized learning is an educational approach that aims to customize learning for each student based on their respective interests, strengths, needs, skills, abilities, background and experiences. To go further, it’s also an effort to involve the learner in their own education. The more one feels invested in their own educational journey, the more likely they will be successful and learn at higher levels.

The Why
     It’s fairly safe to say that we are certainly living in unprecedented times. Whether it’s globalization, technology or colossal human challenges, the rapidity and radicalness of these changes are unheralded compared to previous e…

Understanding Why We Work Should Inform Education

“Get to work!”      “Back to work!”      “Start working!”      “You need to work harder!”      “Johnny needs to work more!”      “Kids need to have a better work ethic!”    These are just a sample of expressions that most teachers have uttered repeatedly throughout their years in our universal respective classrooms.      Regardless of instructional approach, subject, grade level or any other factor, teachers are ultimately faced with the task of getting students to work. Indeed, probably since the first teacher and student interaction occurred, teachers have often tried to figure out how to get their students to both work, as well as work at high levels.      Traditionally, our students have worked for a variety of reasons - grades, approval, compliance, fear and future success. In terms of motivation, we have tried many things including, but not limited to incentives, choices, punishment, relationships, technology and more. However, how often have educators studied, or tried to …