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    FEAR.It’s a crippling and stifling condition that is not conducive to many positive things - including learning.But that is exactly the overwhelming conditional plight in education.Everyone is scared.That’s right scared.We are scared to ask questions, deviate, experiment and especially FAIL. Fear of Failure is a well-known challenge or hurdle that prevents anything truly great from happening.All major progress and successes throughout time were made possible by experiencing and navigating failure.It is well documented that trying new things, then re-designing them after documenting how they failed, ultimately leads to greater success.So, if we are afraid to fail, then we are essentially afraid of getting to a higher level of success. We are essentially afraid to learn and adjust from our mistakes – also simply called real learning. (courtesy of Emily'
In schools, teachers are afraid to deviate from the pacing guide or textbook.Administrators are afraid of not getting …