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PBL Educates The Heart, Mind and the Whole Student

Project-based learning has been touted as the pedagogical cure-all for many things. Indeed, I have long argued it’s the ultimate instructional response to the need for real world relevance and application, problem solving, collaboration, student engagement, presentation skills, mentors and even tech integration. It’s the pedagogical glue if you will.
     But one area that is maybe not mentioned as often is its connection to Social-Emotional Learning. Indeed, PBL may not just be the best academic answer, but also the best cultural answer. Project-based learning, through it’s diverse and varied experiences, allows students multiple opportunities to engage with others, as well as themselves, in new and more personalized ways. By contributing to something larger than themselves, i.e. a real world project, they begin to see themselves as contributors and advocates who have self-worth, a voice and a real role in the world at large.
     Here are just a few areas where PBL can begin to …