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Creating Choice

Most educators agree that higher level thinking and actually learning only takes place once there is ownership and buy-in on the part of the learner. And that will only truly take place when CHOICE is available to the learner. Traditionally, choice has been in the form of an elective course in high school, choosing our major in college, etc.

     But we need to take choice way beyond that. Choice needs to be part of the the daily learning and educational activities. This can come in the form of choosing a specific school or program (like a charter school or specialty school), choosing an area of interest or focus and so on. But again, how do we create choice in our daily educational pursuits?      This is not a new idea. Universities, researchers and most importantly, successful teacher, have been examining and implement choice in classrooms and learning for a long time. Again, these are not new ideas. Leaders like Alfie Kohn wrote about it 20 years ago (…