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Flip That Interview

Regardless of industry or profession, one of the many common experiences we all have is the JOB INTERVIEW.
     All of us have probably been the interviewee many times in our professional lives. Additionally, many of us have also been the interviewer or the facilitator of interviews as well.

     Although there are exceptions, much of what we do in interviews seems to have been fairly traditional and unchanged for years. Essentially, candidates for a particular job are invited to appear before an individual, or typically a panel of people, to answer a series of often generic questions.

     For far too many years, we have been hearing, or even delivering, questions such as the following:

* Tell Us About Yourself

* Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?

*What Are Your Strengths & Weaknesses?

*Tell Us How Your Work With Others

*Tell Us About A Work-Related Conflict and How You Resolved It

     Whether we are the interviewee, or the interviewer, our goal should be to make the interv…