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For Whom Are We Working - Students or Adults?

Before I begin, and possibly anger you beyond belief or leave you with a feeling of helplessness, I have two foundational disclaimers...... 
     I have met and continue to meet hundreds, no thousands, of educators who are sincerely passionate about learning and students and work everyday to better themselves and who they serve. I had these types of teachers as a student, have aspired to be like them from my first day of teaching and continue to work with these types of educators daily.
We have human challenges related to differences in values, priorities, pedagogy, vision, philosophies, personalities, styles and more. So, I am aware that any of the observations or concerns I share here certainly extend outside school walls. However, since I think education is uniquely important, I also know that we cannot evaluate or judge our work as compared to that of other entities - at least truly when it comes to human behavior.

     I am concerned that schools, districts and educational…