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Education Needs Transformation, But So Does Everything But The Kitchen Sink

For years, I have raged against the many limits of our traditional education system and our inability to truly reform, or even transform into something better or amazing. Whether it’s the pursuit of real world projects, better technology, or more rationale policies, education has always seemed, to me, to be out of step and ultimately behind the innovations and progress going on in the real world.
      Naturally, this would not be a difficult thing to prove or demonstrate everyday in most of our schools in this country. We continue to put our students through a system that was designed decades ago with expectations, skills, activities and systems that are outdated and ineffective.

     A few weeks ago, I had an epiphany. Sadly, it’s really a relatively simple one, but significant to me nonetheless. After my daily annihilation of our educational system, I realized that we are capable of greatness and higher quality in all that we do, but rarely, if ever, seem to be able to f…