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Educators Need To Build A Kingdom

One my best friends and colleagues - Jon Corippo - has always described the role of the teacher as a Maker of Kings. He saw his role, as well as that all of all teachers, as one who helped each student become king of their own destiny – or really in charge of their own learning (master learner).

     But how does this really work? Well, if one is going to be a Maker of Kings, then one has to first Create Their Own Kingdom. Every master teacher, or teacher leader, that I know has created one’s own kingdom. These teachers have created, and continue to create on a daily basis, a very special place where their students feel safe, feel inspired and feel like they matter.
     When it comes to these teachers’ classrooms, or kingdoms, students inherently know that they are going to do something special, do something cool and do something that matters. They know that their interests, skills, talents and selves are going to be utilized and appreciated.

     As a teacher, I was alway…

Two Types of Educators (Part 2) - 10 More Ways To Tell Them Apart

My List of Bad Words in Education

For many reasons, I’m not normally a big fan of universal bans – i.e. calling something completely useless, without value or even counter productive.Seems like absolutes are often dangerous.But there are times, when the time has truly come for some things.I think most of us would agree that areas of human rights, human dignity and freedoms are not something most of us want to compromise on or consider negotiable.

Well, I don’t have anything that is nearly that important or crucial – at least on the global human level.But maybe, in the world of school and education, there are some things that need to be completely eradicated and declared obsolete.I don’t advocate burning of things, but have to admit I’m tempted here.

So, as we approach another new year, I’m suggesting that the items on this list disappear forever from the education lexicon:

NOTE TAKING (at least how it’s often used)
We have to be honest about this one.Let’s face it, this is still mainly copying down what someone el…