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Let's Transform Education By Focusing on Tranformation

Part of the challenge in educational reform is that not everyone defines learning or education the same way. Sure, we all refer to things such as literacy, college and career ready, 21st century skills, etc.
     However, what is the core purpose of one’s education? Beyond specifics related to employment skills, literacy skills and standards mastery, I offer up this idea: Education is meant to transform one’s life. In other words, education has to dramatically, or even radically, transform the person into a new, improved person that is more emotionally, socially, and intellectually ready for any challenge the world has to offer.

     Should we as educators not be fascinated with the idea of transformation? Think about it. When you reflect on your own education, what key experiences or learning opportunities can you identify that essentially changed you as a person? I would venture to say that if you made a list, it would look similar to mine.

     So, as we ponder on the…